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My name is River and i'm addicted to nesting.

Hey, I'm River! An Interiors obsessed, serial nester with a love for all things print and design. 

It wasn't until last year that I really realised how much I love to nest. Constantly moving things around the house, re-decorating, shuffling furniture you name it, I did it. I remember as a kid I always used to help out my Mum in the house, she was always decorating this room then that room so I think my love for Interiors started from then. I realised that you could really show off your personality in your home by how you decorated it and styled it. 

Last year I started to work at The Little Deer, here we make industrial furniture using materials like Iron and Copper. Jade (The owner and my beautiful boss) let me help her out at the photoshoot. I was there to 'assist' pack up the furniture, get it all in order, that sort of thing. But it soon came to light that I had a natural flare for styling. So, on the following photoshoot she let me loose and I styled the whole thing. This was my light bulb moment and I was in my element. Ever since then I have styled every photoshoot with Little Deer and now I'm on the hunt to get more experience under my belt. So if you need an assistant or stylist then please get in touch. You can see more of my work, inspiration and home on my Instagram feed below.